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About Us

We are the Wisconsin Idea Group, LLC, and here to help your organization grow. We partner with nonprofits, private businesses, and public entities to find solutions that will achieve their unique business goals. Using our proven end-to-end methods, we’ll equip your organization with a plan to succeed.

Our Vision

We partner with organizations to create equitable opportunities for all people in our community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations build strong communities by providing strategic consultation in the areas of fundraising solutions, public policy services, community engagement, and leadership and board excellence.

Our Values

We pledge to improve the communities across Wisconsin.

We care about the health and well-being of every person we work with and for.

We believe fairness and equity are necessary to strengthen our communities.

We support the Wisconsin Idea and believe all people should have the opportunity to learn and create a better experience - this is foundational to a strong and thriving community.  

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